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Curbside Pick-Up Request

  1. Scheduling for a Curbside Pick-Up

    Due to high-demand, we will not be taking same day pick-up requests. If a request is made prior to 11:59 PM, staff will contact you the following morning to schedule your pick-up later that day. If requests are made after 12:00 AM, please know your pick-up time will be scheduled for the following day. Please call 414-302-8500 if you have any questions.

  2. Please use this form to request materials for Curbside Pick-up. If you have questions about this service or anything else, please call 414-302-8500.

  3. I would like to pick up my items*:

    *Please note, a staff person will be contacting you to schedule a specific pick-up time. Same day pick-up is not available.

  4. I am requesting materials for:*

  5. Please note we are only able to checkout materials that are on our shelves, we are unable to receive items in delivery at this time. If you have specific titles and you are able, please check the library catalog ( for availability If you do not have any specific titles in mind let us know what you might be interested in and staff will create a bundle for you. For example: I would like 3 Historical Fiction books.

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