Reading Shelf

Do you live or work at a senior living center and want the library to come to you? The West Allis Library Reading Shelf program allows you to create a mini-library at your center using books from the library! 

If you are interested in this free service, fill out the interest form here or call (414) 302-8500 to speak to a staff member about the Reading Shelf program.

Reading Shelf FAQs

Who can get Home Delivery?

Any senior living center in West Allis is eligible for the Reading Shelf program as long as they fill out an application and can pick up materials themselves.

How do I get started?

If you're a resident at a senior living center, contact the appropriate staff member at your senior living center and encourage them to contact the library. You can also enroll in home delivery if your senior living center is not interested in Reading Shelf. To find out more info, click here.

If you're a staff member at a senior living center, you can submit an interest form (linked above), call the Information Desk at 414-302-8500, or stop by the Information Desk in person. We'll then send you a welcome packet with an introduction letter, a program application, and a service agreement. Once we receive the application and agreement, we'll contact you to set up your first pick-up.

How does the program work?

After the application is approved, a librarian will contact you to discuss what types of materials residents like to read and to schedule your first pick-up. The librarian will choose your items and check the items out to your account. You'll pick up your materials on the scheduled day and have the materials for three months.

What books are eligible for the Reading Shelf program?

We can include fiction (with the exception of new fiction and Popular Picks), nonfiction, and large-print books! Only materials available at the West Allis Public Library are eligible, but requests for purchase will be considered for items that the library does not own.

How often does the book exchange happen?

Currently, books are switched every three months.

Is there a cost?

The Reading Shelf program does not have a fee. Overdue fines are not charged on Reading Shelf materials. However, you may be charged for lost or severely damaged materials at the discretion of the Head of Adult Services.

Is there a limit to how many books Senior Living centers can have?

Yes. Senior living centers can borrow up to 150 books.