COVID-19 Stories

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For many of us, the COVID-19 pandemic is like nothing we have experienced before.  That makes it important for us to capture personal stories about what is happening in our community.  We will gather stories and they will become a part of the local collection at the West Allis Library.  You can help us create a record of what it’s like living during this time and make it so people can learn about our community’s experience for years to come.

Things to Know

  • Personally identifying information (such as your name, email, place of work) will be kept private until 2092.
  • Most questions are optional, so answer the ones you feel comfortable answering. 


  1. Click on the image below and answer the questions you feel comfortable answering.  Only a few questions are required.
  2. Submit your form.

**If you’d like to share images, audio, or video content please contact us.

Questions? Call us at 414-302-8500 or complete the Ask a Librarian form on our website.

COVID-19 Stories