Loan Periods & Fees

Loan Periods

MaterialLoan PeriodRenewals
Books21 days2 renewals
New Fiction Books7 days1 renewal
New Non-Fiction Books21 days2 renewals
Browsing Books7 days1 renewal
Audiobooks21 days2 renewals
CDs21 days2 renewals
DVDs7 days1 renewal
Magazines7 days1 renewal

To renew library items, visit CountyCat and log into your account, or call 414-302-8503.


All items have a 3 day grace period in which no fees will be charged. Once the 3 days pass however, overdue fees are calculated from the original due date.

The fee for all items, excluding DVDs is $0.10 per day. DVDs are $0.50 per day.

Have a fine to pay and want to pay online? Visit CountyCat and log in to your account.