Loan Periods & Fees

Loan Periods

MaterialLoan PeriodRenewals
Books21 days2 renewals
New Fiction Books21 days1 renewal
New Non-Fiction Books21 days2 renewals
Popular Pick Fiction Books14 daysNone
Popular Pick Non-Fiction Books21 daysNone
Audiobooks & PlayAways21 days2 renewals
CDs21 days2 renewals
DVDs7 days1 renewal
Magazines7 daysNone

To renew library items, visit CountyCat and log into your account, or call 414-302-8503.


All items have a 3 day grace period in which no fees will be charged. Once the 3 days pass however, overdue fees are calculated from the original due date.

The fee for all items, excluding DVDs is $0.10 per day. DVDs are $0.50 per day.

Have a fine to pay and want to pay online? Visit CountyCat and log in to your account.